FEMALE Tries: FLYCLIMB Full Body Cardio Workout

Step up on the plate and reach new heights with this first-ever kind of its workout in the region. 

Generally, there are three types of people when it comes to fitness: the ones who love cardio training, the ones who enjoy lifting weights, and the ones who relish doing both. If you’re always hitting the treadmill for a good run every gym session, FLYPROJECT’s new FLYCLIMB experience is an upgraded cardio workout you didn’t know you needed in your life.

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Popularized by one of Hollywood’s hottest fitness studios Rise Nation, this cardio exercise uses the VersaClimber machine for a uniquely impactful and challenging workout loved by many celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone and Irina Shayk. The full-body, low impact training activates all the major muscle groups in your body with zero-impact, making it an ideal workout for people with joint issues or other sports injuries.

Unlike other fitness machines, the VersaClimber doesn’t retain momentum so you earn every foot of elevation you climb. This is no wonder why the workout burns almost twice as many calories compared to other cardio routines!

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As part of ZALORA’s effort to showcase a range of active lifestyle wear available on their website, I had the chance to reach new heights with the VersaClimber fitness equipment at the ZALORA X FLYPROJECT event. For someone with terribly bad stamina, I can attest that the workout may seem easy but it definitely drains a lot of energy out of you. Set in a custom-lit ceiling installment room with upbeat music, the class was only 30 minutes long but trust me, the session was so intense that half an hour felt so much longer.

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The workout is a combination of short and long strokes, as well as a mix of other movements such as dips and squats. From overhand grip to underhand grip to a combination of short strokes and dips, the machine truly worked out my biceps, triceps, thighs, glutes and shoulders. There are short intervals in between songs, but we were not encouraged to chug down lots of water until the end of the session to prevent nausea.

Final verdict:

Photo: All Is Amazing

The workout started off as manageable but soon turned absolutely brutal when my energy started depleting. Five minutes into the workout, I could feel my bicep muscles popping out while I clutched to the handlebars tightly to assist my leg movements. However, the upbeat music certainly helped loads in keeping my spirits up to finish the whole workout.

As I have extremely bad stamina (I can’t run on the treadmill without panting and getting a knot in my stomach after five minutes), I did stop multiple times during the workout so I ended up only burning 300 calories compared to the targeted 600 calories. While it’s a tough session to endure, I felt really good about myself after the session when I saw myself drenched in sweat.

Is the workout worth it? It absolutely is!

Visit FLYPROJECT for more information about FLYCLIMB and check out Zalora to shop for activewear online.

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