This Couple Vowed To Lose Weight In 2016 – Now They Look Incredible!

How many new year’s resolution do we actually tick off our list by the end of the year or next? We’re guessing losing weight is still on that list right? It’s okay we’re guilty of that too but maybe after reading this inspiring story, we’ll be motivated to actually put our minds to do it!

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A couple from Indiana, U.S., Lexi Reed and her husband Danny made a new year’s resolution in 2016 to start living healthy and lose weight and now after losing a combined total of 178 kg, they both look incredible!

“We had no idea exactly how we were going to lose the weight or if we would make it – but we were determined to try. We knew that together anything was possible.” said Lexi on her Instagram post at @FatGirlFedUp where she posted the couple’s journey to their big transformation.

Before their life-changing healthy regime started, they both weight 347 kg combined. So what’s their secret?

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It started with a 30-day challenge of no eating out, no cheat meals, no alcohol or soda and incorporate a total of 30-minute workout five times a week. They both completed it with success.

“Together we started meal prepping, drinking water instead of soda, quit watching television and started moving more, going to the gym just 30 minutes five times a week, focusing on our future every day, setting goals – and day by day the weight took care of its self.” she continued.

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After seeing the small changes they were both motivated.

“That first month of our journey our lives changed. We realized it wasn’t a diet, but a lifestyle change. We focused on small changes and they added up to big results.”

In an email interview with Insider, Lexi told them that this journey with her husband has made them, even more, closer than ever physically and emotionally.

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“He never saw me as my size, asked me to change, or made me feel as anything other than beautiful. He treated me the same way at 220 kg that he does at 83 kg. Love doesn’t have a size or weight limit.”

“He saw the person I was on the inside and supported me while I made that person on the side match my outside. Surround yourself with those who lift you higher and see the greatness in you even when you dont see it yourself!” she said on her one of her Instagram post with a photo of her husband proposing to her when she was at 220 kg.

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Now that’s #relationshipgoals! Follow Lexi to follow her inspiring journey.



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