9 Sleep Doctor-Approved Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

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Sleep Doctor, Dr. Michael Breus shared with us in an exclusive interview on what we can do to get better sleep at night. He also called us a ‘stressed-out society that doesn’t take time off to rejuvenate’ but that’s beside the point.

According to the results of Princess Cruises’ sleep survey done by Wakefield Research, 47 per cent of the population in Malaysia are getting less sleep than they need each night.
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If there’s anything I love more than eating, it is sleeping, which was why when global premium cruise line, Princess Cruises invited me to visit Singapore for the launch of their new Princess Luxury Bed, I was intrigued. Over a scrumptious chilli crab dinner and a four-course lunch at The Fullerton Bay hotel, I got to ask Dr. Michael (former WebMD sleep expert and one of only 168 psychologists in the world with his credentials) everything I’ve always wanted to know about sleep – and believe me, his answers were life-changing.

1. On waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep:

Usually if you had your last meal around six or seven in the evening and you wake up at three in the morning, it means that it’s been eight hours since you last ate and you don’t have enough fuel in your system. Your brain is telling you this by increasing the level of cortisol that helps to stimulate your appetite which wakes you up. – Dr. Michael

Solution: Take a teaspoon of raw honey before bed as it keeps your blood sugar stable. Since it is raw, it is difficult to process so it gives your body more time to work through that fuel.

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