8 Fitness Studios & Gurus To Break A Sweat With Online

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Let’s get physical and break a sweat!

It’s almost been a full three weeks since we’ve been under the MCO and while most of us have successfully settled into our daily routines by now, there are also those who are still feeling anxious and sluggish due to not being able to fulfill their daily fitness routine such as going for a run or attending group classes at their favourite workout studio (hey, we’re pretty bummed about that too!). If you’ve missed the feeling of working out together as a group and that adrenaline high after successfully finishing a class, here’s how you can continue to burn those calories and stay in touch with your favourite #fitfam – all the while still being at home. All it takes is just your phone or an Ipad and a stable internet connection; it’s as easy at that!

Have a Zoom date with the Aloha Cycle Club crew. 

Spin baits, we’re sure you’ve missed the people of Aloha but here you can enjoy curated classes with them every single day through Zoom (a video conferencing service). Its classes run either at 9 AM or 6 PM, so prioritise your day and head over to their Instagram page to make it during your preferred time. We suggest trying out Sarah’s signature or Tissie’s conditioning classes if you want a rewarding workout after a long WFH day. For a work out that’s slightly toned down, look out for Sanda’s movement and Anis’s release – go ahead and find out what works for you!

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