7 Fat-Burning Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Your fave Malaysian dish could be the key to speeding things up!

With new Instagram-worthy cafes and dessert shops mushrooming (almost) everywhere in Malaysia, it’s hard to keep our diets in check. After all, we’re known to be major foodies.

If doing your usual exercise routines doesn’t seem to be showing much progress for that desired bikini bod,there’s just one more thing you can do: eat. Yup, we’ve rounded up some of the best foods that can burn fat AND yet easily found in the average Malaysian’s meal.

1. Nasi lemak – the sambal

Agreeably the fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk is neither the healthiest nor the least fattening but luckily, it’s the sambal that is the best part of the dish anyway (right?). In a recent research reported by the Daily Mail, it has been found true that chillies can help weight loss (among many other health benefits) as it speeds up metabolism. So feel free to load it up!

2. Peanuts

peanuts burn fat

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Whether it’s another reason to have nasi lemak or having the green card to eat ALL the peanuts served at Chinese restaurants, this is certainly great news! Peanuts are known to fight weight gain, slows blood sugar rise and curb hunger. Say goodbye to needless snacking!

Psst… Peanut butter helps too.

3. Kopi-O

coffee burn fat

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Don’t you just love your morning coffee? It gets your adrenaline running, which is how your fat storage gets a message that it’s time to burn all that fat! Unfortunately, you’ll have to drink it black cos milk will reduce its fat-burning potential.

4. Eggs

The traditional breakfast of eggs (for us Malaysians, we like them half-boiled! Agree?) has actually been helping you to jump start your metabolism! It’s kind of the reason why people say that breakfast eaters burn more calories than those who don’t. Here’s the science part: it contains vitamin B12 that helps your body to metabolize fat.

Psst… Try eating them with whole grain bread — it prevents the body from storing fat.

5. Dhal – cos lentils

roti canai dhal_0

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The next time you order your roti canai, make sure to wallop all the dhal to go with it. The lentils used to cook it, is super packed with iron and when you lack iron, your metabolism slows down, as noted by Tammy Lakatos Shames, RD, co-author of The Secret to Skinny.

6. Ayam kunyit – combo of lean meat and turmeric

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If you want to burn fat, some meat is still necessary. Lean meats like chicken are great sources of muscle-building protein, which forces the digestive system to work hard and burn more calories — even when you are resting.

As for turmeric, it has been said that it can help break up fat. While there are no ascertained evidence that it helps weight loss, a study from Tufts University have shown that it may help prevent the re-growth of fat after weight loss.

Lean meats like turkey, chicken and sirloin steak are high in muscle-building protein. Studies have shown that the more muscle people have, the more calories they burn, even in a resting position.

7. Rendang/Curry – the spicy factor + the spice factor: cinnamon

cinnamon burn fat curry rendang

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Malaysians sure do love to makan pedas and luckily, this is another great excuse to do so since most rendang or curry dishes use cinnamon sticks as one of the ingredients. A recent study of diabetics found that cinnamon can help your body to metabolize sugar and regulate your blood glucose levels. With the latter, you’ll be sure to see a decrease in random cravings!

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