If you find yourself scrolling through your phone, haven’t read a book in the longest time and constantly spending time on social media, then we recon you to try this out instead.

Technology is indeed a wonderful invention that posses many benefits but when it becomes a compulsive behaviour, it can create a bubble of the fear of missing out (FOMO) unknowingly. Digital detox is an act that requires you to step out of the internet sphere and enjoy life at its rawest. An article published on liveyourvie.com also highlighted that a study published in the Internal Journal of Obesity found that there might be a link between digital media to obesity, sleep disorders, stress and depression.

Here’s what you can do try this detox:

  1. Schedule

Going fully incognito with the internet is beyond our horizon. So pick a day of your liking and a time span of how long you want to do it. Some digital detox experts suggests that 24 hours is the minimum but why not start slow and slowly try to do it every weekend.

  1. Think differently

Instead of assuming that you’re going to be missing out, take pride and have the joy of missing out (JOMO). It celebrates the freedom of missing out of your social media life, the opposite of FOMO. A positive philosophy that lets you create more time to focus on the more important things in life like actual real life conversations, creative thinking (not by Google), and a time to reflect on your existence.

  1. Find a hobby

Keep yourself occupied by doing that piled up DIY ideas on pinterest or reading the long list of books-to-read books. Engage your mind with activities that you love or discover a new interest. Now is as good a time as any to try out something new.

  1. Reconnect

Not to your phone but to those people around you (and we’re not implying sitting together looking down at each other’s phones). Do a gadget free meal with your family or friends over the weekend and catch up on life in reality.

  1. Take control

Little do you realize that your own technology is taking over your life. Some people experience the phantom phone syndrome, in which they experience a buzzing or ringing in their pocket when actually the phone is nowhere in sight. So stop your urge of scrolling and take back your time, don’t worry your emails and chats all can wait.

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