5 Times Jameela Jamil Spoke Up About Body Positivity On Social Media

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If you’ve been an active user on Twitter, chances are you’ve come across a tweet from Jameela Jamil about body positivity and embracing all of our imperfections. The 33-year-old British actress is not afraid to speak the truth on the internet about the unrealistic standards society has against women and even confronting fellow celebrities who are promoting such stereotypes.

The Good Place actress launched an Instagram account named ‘I Weigh‘ in March 2018 as a movement to inspire people to feel valuable, confident and be themselves with unedited images and encouraging messages. She also put herself on the frontline by being open about her past battles with an eating disorder and mental struggles trying to live up to Hollywood’s ideals.

Ever since she called out Kim Kardashian West for promoting appetite suppressant lollipops on her social media, fans around the world have been paying closer attention to the criticisms and opinions Jameela’s voicing to educate and protect young women from potentially harming their bodies in order to achieve perfection. In recent times, she also took to Twitter to confront celebrities such as Amber Rose, Khloe Kardashian and Cardi B for promoting unhealthy supplements that may be harmful.

In an interview with Us Weekly earlier this year, Jameela said, “I think a lot of people in the public don’t speak out about things that they could well use their platform to speak out with. They’re afraid of sticking their neck out because if you do, your head gets chopped off.”

If you’ve been losing confidence with your body and struggling to fit into society’s standards, scroll through these moments when Jameela spoke up about body positivity!

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