5 things I Learnt At Boot Camp

Heads-up, it was hard and there were many times I wanted to flee from the field when I first joined Chief’s Original Bootcamp. But after a few weeks, every new workout I mastered made me feel like a winner.


For someone who never liked sports, I still can’t believe I actually accepted the offer to go for a boot camp for a month, and that I managed to survive! Every boot-camp class lasted an hour and started with an intense warm-up session, followed by different activities planned for the day by the instructors.


The first class I attended was referred to as ‘benchmark’ as the instructors used it to test our stamina levels. I was warned before class that it was ‘normal’ for first-timers like me to puke as our bodies go through a kind of ‘shock’. The training consisted of two rounds of running around the football field, and completing 30 push-ups, 30 lunges and 30 squats (this was just one set and all in all, we had to complete three sets). And just when I thought it was over as there was only 10 minutes left before the class ended, Corporal Wong our instructor gave us our last task – to run around the field eight rounds!


When push comes to shove, I realised my body can indeed perform miracles as I managed to finish six rounds around the field in that given time, and I didn’t puke AT ALL. Woo hoo! This was just the start as I told myself I’m going to give this intense training a shot and see the wonders my body can achieve in a month. No doubt, after a month, I did lose four kg and I loved how my arms and thighs started to feel more toned. But above all, boot camp also reinstated the basic values in life for me, which I was more than happy to be reminded of.


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As ‘mean’ as it sounds, I was glad this ‘rule’ was implemented as it didn’t give me a chance to make excuses. For every person who came late, everyone had to bear the punishment (30 push-ups were the minimum if someone was late by 10 minutes!).


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Many of the tasks required us to break into groups selected by Corporal Wong, which meant we were always paired with different people. Whoever we were with, we were all required to accomplish the task together, and if one person slacked, it was the duty of the rest to help that person out. If we didn’t, we would be punished once again.


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Once, it was starting to drizzle before class, and one of the best messages I received from the group when I asked them if class was still on was this: “rain, hail or shine, training will still go on”. Ouch! Despite the amount of times I fell, hurt myself and thought it was the end of the world, the trainers at Chief’s Original Bootcamp assured us that it wasn’t the end of the world and no matter what, we had to do whatever it took to complete the tasks laid before us. (Sorry, but I only get motivated to come out from my comfort zone and get things done if there are strict yet motivating people like the group around me!).


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I must say it’s common for us to curse and swear, especially when stressed. But at boot camp, no foul words are allowed and I accidentally made that mistake a few times. No biggie as everyone was punished for my mistake, but what it did teach me was to be obedient and listen to instructions given and to be less rebellious!

Conclusion: Yes, I’m going back for more as boot camp has helped me in more ways than just my physical stamina, and I can’t wait to master more workouts. Not to mention, it definitely helps take my mind off work.

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