5 Great Fitness Apps to Help You Lose Weight

No time to hit the gym? That’s okay, because your smartphone can be your new workout buddy plus gym trainer with these apps!

Gone are the days where working out means lifting weights and running on treadmills – they’re now more fun (like Editor-in-Chief Seema’s bootcamp) and for the busy bees, they can be FAST (Editorial Assistant Sufiya is especially hooked on this particular one). Of course, not everyone is a gym person and for those of you who share this sentiment, there’s always the option of D.I.Y. workouts at your own pace and time. But if you’re afraid of slacking or in need of some professional assistance, then these apps are at your (free) service!



A relatively simple app that’s basically a tracking device – on the amount of steps you’ve walked and the miles you’ve ran or cycled. Just slip your phone into your pocket or bag and it’ll run quietly in the background (yes, you can exit the app) as it tracks and records your everyday life and exercise habits, including the places you visit!

Availability: iOS and coming soon for Android


Nike Training Club

Meet your virtual gym and its virtual personal trainer. With over 100 exclusive workouts, you’ll be spoilt for variety as you train from the comfort of your own home. The best part is that your trainer will be there the whole way to motivate, time and instruct you. It loads fast and easily, and if you don’t understand the text intructions, there’s a short video clip to demonstrate it. Oh, and you can set your own workout music too.

Availability: iOS and Android


Rexona Moves

Shopaholics, it’s time to prove to non-believers that shopping is indeed an exercise. This fitness app helps to track most of the common exercises, including shopping and badminton, while timing your routine before turning it into distance. And here’s the best part: the amount of distance you contribute will be turned into donations to help underprivileged children across Malaysia!

Availability: iOS and Android


Workout Trainer

One of the benefits of going to the gym includes meeting new people, and as it turns out, apps can have that too. This is pretty much similar to the Nike Training Club app, except that the virtual intructors sound robotic and it’s got a built-in forum where you can discuss exercise topics, share tips and get advice! It can also count the amount of calories you lose after each session. Think of it as a Facebook gym.

Availability: iOS and Android



Exercising may be an important element in losing weight, but so is your diet! Track what you eat with this calorie counter from MyFitnessPal. It comes with a pre-installed database of food with their estimated calories so it’ll be easy to input them at every meal. And if it seems like you’re hitting the calorie goal mark, which will be counted for you depending on your height and weight, you can key in the exercise you did for the day to minus it off. It’ll definitely helpkeep your bad cravings away.

Availability: iOS and Android


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