5 Foods that are Bad for Your Skin

Who would have thought that these seemingly safe foods can have a negative effect on your complexion!

We’ve heard the phrase “You are what you eat” and we know that fried and fatty food, chocolates and carbonated drinks – also known as ‘forbidden’ food – are bad for our skin. However, here are a couple of seemingly innocent ones that may have passed under your radar.

Salt: Puffy Eyes


Unless you were bawling the whole night after watching a K-drama episode, those puffy eyes you woke up with could be due to too much salt. According to Dr. Neal B. Schultz, a practicing dermatologist in New York, excessive consumption of this seasoning can cause water retention, which can lead to swelling, especially for the area around the eyes as the skin is thinner. But on another note, he did add that these effects are age-related and hence become more common in middle age.

Shrimps and Seaweed: Acne


No more binging on ebi (prawn) sushi for you! Well, technically any food that is naturally high in iodine, such as crab, lobster or even spinach, as too much of these can give you acne. However, Schultz said that the breakouts are only based on “accumulated amount of iodine over time” and are not an immediate effect.

Milk: Acne


Your bones love it but a 2005 study says that your skin doesn’t! A 2012 study made in Italy was even more precise to have found that high skim milk consumption can lead to acne. This could be because it over-stimulates our skin to produce more sebum, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Sugar: Wrinkles


If you’re wondering why you’re getting lines and wrinkles at such an early age, the blame could lie on your sweet tooth. According to Daily Glow, high blood sugar can affect your collagen tissues, causing your skin to weaken and thus making it more wrinkle-friendly.

White Bread, Rice and Pasta: Acne


Avoid high glycemic food a.k.a carbohydrate-rich food that are capable of elevating your blood sugar levels and thus stimulate the release of insulin. And you wouldn’t want your body to be filled with insulin – it’s the wake-up call for hormones that are under the Department of Pimples and Zits.

Source: Huffington Post & LiveStrong; Photos: MOffice & Stock Exchange