5 Easy Ways to Feel Better When You’re PMSing

Urgh, it’s back. But why let it ruin your week?


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Period. ’nuff said. While some girls are lucky not to have any premenstrual symptoms — or as it’s affectionately called: PMS — be it physical (muscle/joint pains, torturous cramps, bloating or fatique) or emotional (feeling angrier than usual, crying more easily than usual, you name it), the rest of us aren’t so lucky.

When these symptoms kick in, things can get pretty ugly but luckily, there are ways to curb it. These tips may not be the permanent cure to PMS but every bit of help to ease that discomfort helps, right?

1. Stay hydrated
Water is known to be a magical wonder for the body but who would have thought that it can even fix our crankiness. While you should already be ensuring your body gets enough water, it’s even more crucial to bring a bottle of water wherever you go during that time of the month. You might just feel the difference when you drink up.

Additionally, try eating more fruits and vegetables that are high in water content such as watermelons and cucumbers to keep you hydrated throughout the day!

2. Eat clean
There may be days when you feel like you can eat a whole buffet spread but the truth is: it’s best to cut down on your salt intake as it’s only going to make you bloated.

Try to reduce your sweet cravings; too much sugar can disrupt your blood sugar levels which would in turn affect your mood! Maintain a balanced diet to keep your mood balanced too.

3. Exercise
We know it can be uncomfortable to work out during that time of the month (who does that?!) but trust us; it’s a great way to fight off those PMS symptoms. So choose the easier routine to get your heart rate up for the sake of getting through your period pains smoothly.

4. Herbal remedies
When it comes to period pain, there are over-the-counter drug prescriptions and there are also au naturel remedies. If you’re not a fan of taking pills, try chasteberry, ginger or even evening primrose oil to lighten up the PMS load!

5. Body massages
Ah, yes. Who doesn’t want a massage? Whether you DIY from head to toe or opt for the masseuse’s help, the rubdown will help increase the blood flow, easing up both the mental and muscle tensions. For an even more effective relief, try incorporating essential oils like lavender or geranium in the massage.

SOURCE: Health.com, Everyday Health; PHOTO: ingimage

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