5 Common Sleep Myths You Might Have Been Wrong About

In the name of beauty sleep, it’s time to get to the bottom of this!


Let’s admit it, ladies; we just love our beauty sleep and things can get nasty if anything gets in the way of it. But as much as we want to keep hitting the snooze button or sleep ALL we want on a Sunday, neither of those two are as innocent as you think. We get down to those common sleep myths and debunk them for our health’s sake!

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MYTH #1: I can make up for lack of sleep at night with a nap during the day.

TRUTH #1: While napping is much welcomed as a way to refresh oneself, it is not a permanent solution to sleep deprivation. Avoid napping after 3pm as this can affect your sleep at night, thus creating a vicious cycle.

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MYTH #2Hitting the snooze button will help me get a few extra minutes of the rest I need to feel better.

TRUTH #2: Let’s be realistic – if you need to snooze, you’re not getting enough sleep. Here’s a better idea, use the snooze period to do light stretching, and get out of bed gradually when the alarm rings again.

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MYTH #3Exercising before bedtime will keep me up because my body is too ‘energised’.

TRUTH #3: There’s a degree of truth to this; if you find yourself wide awake at night after exercising, it’s most likely because your body is too hot. The core body temperature must cool down before you can have restful sleep. If you want to exercise, do it four hours before your planned bedtime.

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MYTH #4The older I get, the less sleep my body requires.

TRUTH #4: While sleep patterns may change as we age, the amount of rest we need does not. Older people tend to have difficulty sustaining sleep throughout the night due to health issues or medications, and hence, they nap more in the daytime because of restless sleep.

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MYTH #5I can make up for lost sleep by sleeping in during the weekend.

TRUTH #5: By doing this, you’ll be adopting a cycle of sleep problems as a pattern of sleep bingeing can upset your circadian rhythm and make it harder to get quality rest. The best approach is consistency so your body is used to a set time of sleeping and waking up.

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