3 Things About Breakfast That Are NOT True

An expert finally sets things straight!

Okay, so is breakfast really that important? You’ve been told that it is but you’ve also heard other not-so-good things about it. We debunk three common myths you might have heard about breakfast that are completely untrue.

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1. Eating a full breakfast makes you feel too sleepy for work

FALSE! It’s not the breakfast itself that causes the morning slump. What is actually making you sluggish during the day is the nasi lemak what type of foods you had for breakfast. Eating a heavy breakfast that is loaded with refined carbs or sugar will naturally send sleepy signals to the brain.


2. It’s okay to skip breakfast once in a while

FALSE! “Some parents think that it is alright for children to skip breakfast because they do it themselves,” says Nurul Iliani Ahmad, Senior Nutritionist at Nestlé Malaysia Berhad. But she adds that even for adults, breakfast is still an important meal.

For example, a wholesome breakfast with MILO® will give you the energy to perform better at uni or work, both physically and mentally. It also provides a balanced nutrition and energy to last throughout the day.

Above all, breakfast would put you in a better mood. Just imagine feeling hungry till lunchtime – all you’re going to think about is food instead of your meeting!


3. Eating breakfast makes you fat

FALSE! We’ve got good news that debunks this myth. Research suggests that eating breakfast actually helps keep your weight in check instead!


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