3 Awesome Places to Learn Self-Defence in Kuala Lumpur

With attackers always on the prowl, you need to do more than just be vigilant.

Pick up self-defence techniques (and classes) at these places around town!

Crazy Monkey Defense (CMD) Program @ Crazy Monkey Defense HQ


Photo credit: CMD’s Facebook Page

This self-defence programme encourages you to have a strong sense of awareness and spirit to ward off physical and mental attacks. It addresses five types of physical confrontations, each dedicated to a specific ‘core’, which is progressively and individually introduced to you.

In the introductory class, you learn the basics of fighting skills and mixed martial arts (MMA) techniques adapted from Brazilian ju-jitsu (BJJ), boxing and Muay Thai, to name a few. Footwork exercises and jabbing movements are also taught. In a nutshell, you’re trained to throw and take punches, face close contact attacks without being aggressive, and ultimately, be ready for ‘surprises’ lurking on the streets.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CMDMalaysia

Brazilian Ju-jitsu @ Leverage Combat Academy


Photo credit:  Leverage Combat Academy’s Facebook Page

Originating from India, ju-jitsu’s the oldest form of martial arts, first developed and practiced by Buddhist monks about 2000 years ago. With balance and leverage as its core principles, ju-jitsu has evolved into a violent yet highly-effective fighting style. When it finally arrived in Brazil, it evolved into what is now known as Brazilian ju-jitsu.

Regarded as a grappling martial art and combat sport, this ground attack self-defence module is not determined by body weight, size or gender but by gaining a dominant position and control using joint-locks and chokeholds that lead to the attacker’s submission. A brilliant self-defence option for the petite!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/leverage.combat.academy


Female BJJ @ Monarchy MMA


Photo credit: Monarchy MMA’s Facebook Page

Developed solely for women, the class focuses on MMA moves (especially from BJJ and a bit of wrestling) that are easily applicable to real-life situations. Once you’ve been taught a move, the trainers ‘attack’ you without notice during the session; they won’t hold back on intensity so expect lots of grappling, shouting and pushing! As you defend yourself, they will observe your weaknesses and teach you how to overcome them.

At this combat fitness gym, you’re also taught to quickly assess the environment or situation you’re in (deserted car park, abduction etc.), and use the things around you for protection or as weapons.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Monarchy.MMA