16 Easy Hacks to Sleep Better in This Hot Weather (Without Air Con)

Malaysia is getting way TOO hot.


There’s no denying that it has been getting warmer and warmer each day (don’t get us started on the haze).

We understand the problem of not being able to fall asleep because it’s just too warm. Every position you settle for just doesn’t seem comfortable, and what’s worse, you can’t make do without a blanket! Those sleepless nights have been your worse nightmare; having to wake up every morning drenched in a pool of your own sweat. It automatically ruins your mood and sets the course for the entire day. Now you’ll be grumpy and agitated at just about anything (just great)!

Turning on the A/C is one easy solution, but not unless you want a heart attack when you get your next electricity bill.


But not to worry, we’ve found a list of easy (and fun) ways for you to cool down before or during bedtime that will NOT be taking a toll on your utilities budget. We’d be trying tip #11 tonight, that’s for sure!


Source: Dreams.co.uk; Photo: ingimage

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