The Rojak Projek Takes Our Fave Malaysian Food To The Next Level!

Because turning nasi lemak, roti canai and keropok udang into portraits is seriously underrated.


What better way to start the year 2016 than with food, love and more food? Well, The Rojak Projek sure knows how much love we have for our local delicacies.

But what they’re doing is so much more than meets the eye with the variety of colourful food and drinks, showcased as quirky works of art on portraits to spread peace, love, diversity, and most importantly, unity.

And if you’re wondering why the use of food? Well, isn’t that the ultimate icebreaker in our culture?

After all, loving food and being Malaysian is almost synonym. This is simply what being Malaysian is all about.
– The Rojak Projek

We couldn’t agree more with The Rojak team and their beliefs that “our colours, our incredibly vibrant diversity and culture should be fully embraced”.

So despite our differences, be it our skin colour, race or religion, one thing is able to bring us all together, yeah, you guessed it. Food.

Under each illustration, you’ll find every individual made up of different food with their vision of Malaysia.


Check out The Rojak Projek for the complete food photo series!

Photos: The Rojak Projek


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