The 5 Most Beautiful Mooncake Creations You Can Get In Malaysia

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Each Mid-Autumn festival, mooncake season rolls around, bringing with it a stream of mooncakes from the traditional to the innovative.

When you think about it, the festival is mainly about coming together to appreciate the beauty of the moon. So when you have a festival that’s so centered around aesthetics, embrace the spirit of the Mid-Autumn festival with these beautiful mooncakes that may just distract you from the full moon overhead.

1. Valen’s Patisserie’s Midnight Bloom Chocolate Mooncakes

What happens when a chocolatier decides to make mooncakes? You get something like the Midnight Bloom mooncakes, we reckon! This stunning creation is Valen’s Patisserie first foray into mooncakes, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the impeccable craftsmanship. Each set comes with four solid chocolate mooncakes, hand-crafted from pure premium chocolate and filled with a core of yuzu, earl grey, hazelnut praline, and matcha azuki flavoured ganache.

Price: RM98 per set of 4
Email [email protected], until 13 September 2019
Contact: facebook | instagram

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