FEMALE Tries: Foremula, A Relaxed Cafe For A Family Meal

They say comfort is key – We agree!

Have you ever gone to a restaurant but it’s just impossible to have a decent conversation cos of the noise? I hear ya cos it happens to me more often than I’d like to admit! Luckily for us (my family and I), we found a gem in the commercial area of Ara Damansara which had great decor and the perfect ambience for conversation plus the food is amazing!

As mentioned, the cafe is located in a commercial/office area so when we arrived at 5:30, there wasn’t many cars left – which means lesser time to find parking – WIN! As soon as I walked through the doors, I noticed the decoration pays homage to 80s coffee shop but with a contemporary twist which brings me back to my childhood going for breakfast with my grandparents at our local kopitiam.

We were greeted by Andy, Director of Foremula and had a casual chat about the inspiration of the cafe and the menu which highlighted local ingredients. We looked through the menu and saw a variety of cuisines from western to our version of comfort that mom use to make growing up. Oh, and the names of dishes are full of pun! I really do appreciate when restaurateurs put in the extra effort to make it enjoyable for us customers.

Anyway, on to more important business – the food!

To kick start our palette, we had the Summer Crunch – features a combination of western ingredients such as feta cheese and olives with local watermelon. The addition of this juicy fruit elevated the dish as it combines the sweet and salty.



Always wanted to know what Mr Krabs’ (from Spongebob) signature burger is? Well, we don’t quite know what it tastes like (bummer) but Foremula’s version of the Crabby Patty has got us thinking that this should be it! But there’s a twist to it, an oriental one that is! The bun sandwiching the patty isn’t the traditional bun but a mantau.

As I took a bite, there’s a slight crunch on the outside of the pastry while the having a pillow-like texture on the inside paired perfectly with a cucumber and carrot slaw sandwiched between a deep fried soft shell crab and their special Foremula sauce (which looks almost like Chipotle but tasted a thousand times better).



Moving on to my favourite dish of the night, the Butter Me Up, Chick which is essentially a deep-fried battered boneless chicken thigh on a bed of sweet potato fries (which was heavenly!) then topped with a creamy buttermilk sauce that has a hint of curry leaves. Talk about a Malaysian input on the dish.



No local meal is complete without rice! So we had the grilled butterfish with chilli rich and salad that was garnished with a ginger lime dressing. The fish was packed with flavour while the rice was incredibly fragrant as they use basmati rice, which to me is the most aromatic rice there is.



We were stuffed to the brim but when Andy said there were desserts, our eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store. We were served Foremula Toastwhich is a sweet raisin bread drizzled with a coffee sauce serves and fresh strawberries as an accompaniment. My mother loved it but I passed on it cos I’m not the biggest fan of coffee in general (don’t freak out, I haven’t missed out on anything cos my love for Milo is just as strong) but aroma from the coffee bean was amazing!



As for drinks, we started out with Chai (which is what most Indians would do too), our expectations were sky high as we just came back from the motherland of curries and chai – India; and to our surprise, it didn’t dissapoint! The tea had enough time to brew which brought out depths of flavour in just one cup. It was a taste buds party!

Andy also recommended the Matcha Mango Fresh –  a blend of green tea with sweet mango slices. It definitely quenches your thirst after a heavy meal!

What I loved most was the Houjicha Latte, a roasted green tea with steamed milk. I much prefer the iced version as there was a balance of the earthy flavour from the tea and richness of the milk. It tasted similar to roasted seaweed. Love it!

So the verdict: I’ll definitely recommend this place for its yin and yang flavour combination from the food to drinks, plus the ambience just screams hipster! #OOTD shots anyone?



D9-01. Dana 1 Commercial Centre, Jalan PJU 1A/46
47301, Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7496 7419
Opening hours: 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM



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