Japanese and Korean Coffee & Dessert Cafés You’ve Got to Try!

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A sweet treat for your weekend café adventure!

Craving for Japan’s Shibuya Honey Toast or South Korea’s bingsu ice shaven desserts? Or are you simply on a hunt for some Eastern Asian eateries? You don’t need to travel far cos’ we’ve got the next best thing here on our shores. We’ve gathered a big list of Japanese and South Korean cafés, serving you famous desserts and patisseries all around town so you guys can trot to this weekend and give them a go!

1. Komugi Cafe

Need some breakfast like a king to fight away Monday blue feeling ??

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Where: Level 6, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Why: A mix of Japanese café culture and the mastery of French baking, come to this patisserie and try their uber soft matcha baom cakes.

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