How to Have a Balanced Breakfast to Kick-Start Your AM

Your food choices could either make you feel more alert or less awake. 

Breakfast is important but overdoing it might do more harm than good. Apart from that, it’s crucial to know what type of foods can prep your mind for the day and your body for life.

Here’s a simple guide to ensure your breakfast menu covers all the necessary food groups to kick-start your daily activities!

malaysian breakfast

1. Eggs/Meat/Beans 

Being good sources of protein, these foods will not only help you feel satisfied in the morning but also aid in boosting your carbohydrate intake.

TRY: One of Malaysia’s popular breakfasts that is usually ordered at kopitiams is the roti bakar with half-boiled eggs and MILO®. Eating at home? A simple toast would suffice but if you want to spice things up, try including toast toppings such as baked beans!


2. Grains

Rich in B vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamine and niacin, eating grains in the AM helps with the release of energy from food in your system.

TRY: Whether it’s bread or whole-grain cereals, serve it with MILO®, which is filled with chocolate malted goodness for extra flavour!


3. Vegetables and Fruits 

They’re super good for digestion so if you don’t want constipation, you know what to do!

TRY: Try making wholemeal toast spread with peanut butter and topped with sliced bananas! If you’re making an egg or tuna sandwich, be sure to add lettuce and/or tomatoes. Lastly, opt for whole fruits instead of juices as they contain more fibre.


 4. Dairy

Yes, calcium is important if you want strong bones and teeth but it’s also essential in ensuring that your muscles and nerves function properly.

TRY: Yogurt and smoothies are great (and yummy) ways to include some calcium points in your morning meal but otherwise, you can also just add a slice of cheese into your tuna sandwich.


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