Goodbye, Tealive – The Bubble Tea Franchise To Close All Of Its 161 Outlets

The Tealive and Chatime ‘feud’ has finally met its end as the Court of Appeal declined the request made by Tealive, Loob Holding Sdn Bhd, to stay in operation. The bubble tea franchise will now have to close down all of its 161 outlets immediately.

According to New Straits Times, Loob’s application was rejected due to the breaching of various contractual and legal obligations to the Taiwanese tea company, Chatime, La Kaffa International Co Ltd relating to its restraints of trade obligations and Malaysia’s franchise law.

But it’s not the end for Loob as the ruling only prohibits them from operating Tealive as a competitive business to Chatime for a period of two years in Malaysia.

This decision will affect 800 of their staffs nationwide. Send help, please!

Chatime Malaysia’s group managing director Aliza Ali, made a statement that she understands that the employees and outlet owners will have a direct impact on the verdict.

“Within the scope allowed by relevant laws, we would welcome former Chatime franchisees and employees who have been affected by the whole ordeal to contact us should they require assistance from us,” she said.

She also added that their decision to allow affected outlets to return and operate under Chatime was made because of the overwhelming requests in light of the injunction granted the court.

“Our doors are open to the employees and outlet owners who have found themselves in this precarious position today. They are our priority at the moment,” continued Aliza as reported by The Sun Daily.

If you’re going to miss having those bubble tea delights from Tealive you can always find them in China, Australia, Ind, a and Vietnam as they’ve expanded their business there.

Here are some of the response from the public on Twitter.

1. I’ll see you again :'(

2. Best Earl Grey tea

3. “In loving memory of the Horlicks milk tea”

4. What about my yearly birthday reward?