Folio Is An Open Book Of Unique Mixes

APW Bangsar’s the place for curated finds and good food! Having housed the themed bazaar Riuh and home to eateries like PULP by Papa Palpheta and Breakfast Thieves (besides serving as a fine, effortless OOTD backdrop); we’re always excited about what’s happening at the space!

Our most recent visit to APW found us in Folio, the creative space’s latest addition. Set in vibrant peach and orange tones, the bar freshly presents a soothing tropical feel with a knack for foliage.

Folio prides itself on having unexpected flavours you won’t be able to find elsewhere – with a focus on low ABV or alcohol by volume mixes (which isn’t a common beverage concept here in Malaysia!). Its recipes play with a rush of flavours, all co-developed with C.K. Cho, founder of Coley Bar. “People can come in to Folio for an aperitif (meal opener or appetiser) before dining in one of our establishments, then come back to finish off the night with another beverage of choice – or better, leave it in the hands of our bartenders,” says APW’s F&B Division Head, Reagan Ting.


The palettes of Folio.

The palettes of Folio.

The palettes of Folio.

In here, each blend is crafted beyond norms and with a tinge of APW history. Its bar top is a former machine from APW’s printing powerhouse days (known then as Art Printing Works) and signature cocktails’ names are sourced from printing jargons like Magazine, Intaglio (engraving), Hue and Exposure. “Except Lucky, which is a Rum-based drink with sherry, jasmine and green tea inspired by APW’s crew-adopted stray dog that used to roam in the factory. Even after his passing, the following generations of APW’s guard dogs are named Lucky in memory; and this drink is an extension of that,” tells Reagan.

The bar also offers a selection of gins and vermouth, if that’s your thing!

If you’re new to Folio, score Reagan’s fan-faves to kick off the evening:

Suction (RM38)

What’s in the glass: Vodka, Kaffir Lime, Limoncello, Tea, Lemon, Cucumber and Sugar

“This has a rich burst of flavour presented in a light blend. It’s easy on the palette, and yes if this comes in a can, it’s a hot seller.” – Stephanie, Associate Art Director


Hue (RM36)

What’s in the glass: Dolin Blanc, Dill, Watermelon, Lime and Soda

“Hue has a more complex twinge of tastes compared to what I’ve had before, but nevertheless refreshing!” – Xiang, Photographer


Once you’re here, allow yourself to immerse in the scene while indulging in sips. It’s ‘A Place Where’ you’re supposed to unwind, after all.


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