FEMALE Tries: Whimsical Yet Delicious Cocktails To Try At Flying Monkeys

The weekend’s almost here, so what are you waiting for? 

Enter a magical world where drinks are to be served and friendships blossom to greater heights! Located on the 8th floor of the Tribeca building in the heart of KL, Flying Monkeys is bound to be your next favourite night-time hang out spot if you fancy fusion drinks with a view!

Overlooking the TRX tower, you know you’re about to experience a dreamy time, made even better when you know this cool li’l fun fact we’re about to share with you: The idea for Flying Monkeys came from five close friends who shared their love for food by opening the infamous Yellow Brick Road restaurant followed by Wizards at Tribeca. 

Noticing a theme here? The common similarities between the three come from the iconic childhood movie we all love, The Wizard of Oz – how cool is that? Be prepared to spot references from the movie as well, starting with the amazing wall decor of the Flying Monkeys pictured below: 

Now, are you ready for the exciting cocktails we’ve tried?

Monkey Magic (RM45) was a chocolate delight if you’re into something sweet yet creamy with its banana mixture. Living up to its name, this makes the perfect girlie drink whenever you’re out with your best friends. It may be too milky for some but it hits all the right notes if you’re looking for a smooth time. Not only are the ingredients yummy but the drink itself was a great way to start off the night as well. 

Ingredients: Jim Beam Bourbon, Baileys Irish Cream, Malibu With Milk-blended Peanut, Jackfruit And Bananas. 

Sultana Sour (RM40) is one for the books! I would definitely recommend this to every avid whisky drinkers. Leaving a great surprise as the ‘Flying Monkeys’ logo floats above, the combination of the citrus and smokey flavour does linger to the very last drop! It’s flavourful and you wouldn’t even realise that egg white made its way into the mix. 

Ingredients: Monkey Shoulder, Pink Grapefruit, White Grapes, Egg White And Lemon

From the ‘Light & Easy’ menu: 

One In A Melon (RM25) was what caught my eye off the ‘Light and Easy’ menu. As a huge lover of anything watermelon, adding this juicy fruit into the mix was what definitely made it one in a melon. It was light, refreshing and the combination of gin and lime together does stir a punchy combo.

Ingredients: Gin, Lime and Watermelon

The Rise Of Geisha (RM28) takes us on a journey with a classic twist to a regular G&T. The calamansi makes it a delight to have and was a definite palate refresher once you’ve had way too many sweet drinks. If you’re into something sour with a kick; order two of this and you’re all set to go! 

Ingredients: Gesha Cascara-infused gin, Not-so-simple syrup, Calamansi and Tonic

Feeling thirsty? Head over to the Flying Monkeys and have a taste at what we’re talking about.

Flying Monkeys Bar KL

A: 8th Floor, Tribeca, 215 Jalan Imbi, Pudu. 55100 Kuala Lumpur
T: 03-2713 1630
Hours: 5 pm -1 am, Wednesday – Sunday

5pm – 2am, Friday & Saturday

Closed on Monday & Tuesday



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