FEMALE Tries: The Red Chamber

There’s always something intriguing about speakeasies – I’m guessing it’s the mysterious aura that often comes along with them.

Like most hidden bars, The Red Chamber conveniently camouflages itself in its busy surroundings; in this case it’s the ever-bustling shophouses setting in Taman OUG. If you’re yet to discover the hideout, look out for HKD Tit Tar Chiropractor which is located just below the speakeasy.

It’s quite the place for post-work chill out – we love the cosy, warm Oriental feel it brings. Co-owner and manager Brian says their earliest customers come in around 8:30pm to mingle and revel in the throwback-ish classical beats they have on echo.

The oriental speakeasy.

The Red Chamber’s sips queue teasing names like Playboy, Mistress and Sleepless Nights. Bartenders Calvin and Derrick use their own freshly-made syrup and steer away from flavour essences as they can. “They’re simply better in flavour that way,” claims Calvin.

The cocktail-making duo recommends these two fan favourites if you’re a first-timer:


Mistress (RM28) is a pop of citrus with a slight punch of cinnamon. There are several layers to it: the second sip will often push the flavour of apple, followed by rosemary, then only the twinge of vodka.

Flower In The Heart.

You might as well try Flower in the Heart (RM35) too, which is smoke-y and milky with a tinge of sourness in it too. The serving is a blend of lavender and earl grey but its creamy, rich form is due to the added egg white.

Should you swing by sometime? Yes. Sometimes all you need to melt work stress away hints of fresh squeezed lemon and the beautiful serenade of Chinese nostalgia!

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