FEMALE Tries: Asian Fusion Delights At Wizards At Tribeca

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You may not find any potions brewing or Harry Potter-like food in this cafe, but the whiff of aromatic coffee and a magical sense certainly welcome you as you enter the door of Wizards at Tribeca.

Situated at the ground floor of Tribeca Serviced Suite at Jalan Imbi, this modern contemporary cafe is the ultimate brunch spot for total relaxation to escape from the stressful city life. The cafe is a collaborative effort between Low Yat Group and the team behind the rustic Yellow Brick Road and The Red Beanbag cafes.

From left clockwise: Turning Japanese, Golden French Toast and Matcha

Boasting bright, natural lights and a nature-themed interior, one of the team members, Shaun Liew explained, “The Low Yat Group patron Yellow Brick Road and really loved our food. That’s how they approached us to ask if we were keen to work with them. The concept they wanted to go for was very modern contemporary and it was in line with what we’re doing. Since there was so much natural light, we thought why not play with nature and add some greenery to our interior design.”

Compared to The Red Beanbag and Yellow Brick Road, Wizards features a more refined menu of Asian fusion food. Diners can definitely expect a wide selection of dishes and beverages with Australian, Japanese or local twist to them.

I had the opportunity to try out some crowd favourites and for someone who’s picky with her food, I was really impressed with all the dishes I had.

Local Motion – pandan jelly, coconut milk, adzuki beans, vanilla ice cream, caramel popcorn

Sweet tooths, this drink is perfect for you! This Malaysian-flavoured blend is made with pandan jelly, coconut milk and azuki beans. Topped with a generous amount of whipped cream and caramel popcorn, Local Motion (RM18) is like a nyonya kueh in a cup, thanks to the combination of fragrant pandan jelly and blended vanilla ice cream with coconut milk.

Cascara Kombucha

If you’re looking for a healthy and invigorating drink, the Cascara Kombucha (RM16) is a thirst quencher not to be missed. Made using the husks of Panama Gesha coffee, the by-product which is normally discarded is turned into cascara tea to produce this bottle of kombucha. According to Shaun, the team at Wizards experimented with the recipe multiple times to tone down the strong kombucha taste, making it ideal for those who are trying the fermented drink for the very first time. As it was my first time trying out kombucha, I had expected a sour fermented taste but was surprisingly amazed at how refreshing, tangy and slightly sweet it tasted.

Golden French Toast – French toast coated in Nestum grains, served with mascarpone cream, chocolate crumble, fresh fruits, raspberry coulis and pandan-infused gula melaka

When it comes to French toast, one may think of a simple egg-coated fried bread but Wizards definitely put a unique twist to elevate the dish. Coated in Nestum grains and fried to perfection, the Golden French Toast (RM24) is served with mascarpone cream, chocolate crumble, fresh fruits and pandan-infused gula melaka so you can sweeten the dish according to your preference. Not only is the bread light and fluffy, but the Nestum coating was also a delight as it gave the bread a light crunch. By pairing each bite with a tiny amount of gula melaka, the dish truly is a great fusion of local and French flavours.

Turning Japanese, cold somen noodles tossed with truffle soy, served with barbecue unagi, braised shiitake, crispy seaweed and tobiko

For those who are looking for a light and refreshing main course, I certainly recommend the Turning Japanese (RM30). The somen noodle is served cold with sweet barbecue unagi, tobiko and braised shiitake mushrooms that create a balanced sweet and savoury flavour. The noodle is tossed in a generous amount of truffle soy and it’s an absolute delight to get a whiff of the earthy truffle smell in every bite you take. This is undoubtedly happiness in a bowl!

Matcha – green tea mousse with fresh strawberry salsa and sable

While it’s no secret that Wizards’ Chocolate Molten is a top favourite dessert among diners, their Matcha (RM24) doesn’t fall short either. The green tea mousse boasts a light texture and strong matcha taste, and the slight sourness from the strawberry balances the sweetness from the mousse, making it the ultimate dessert to end your meal.

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