FEMALE Tries: A Fairytale-Themed Dining Experience At Poison Apple Restaurant And Bar

From themed cafes to magical wizardry bars, the options for unique dining experiences are endless. If you’re a fan of Disney princesses or have always dreamt of living a fairy tale life, you should definitely pay a visit to the all-new Poison Apple restaurant and bar in Bandar Sunway.

Nestled within Eight Gourmets Gala in Sunway Pinnacle Annexe, this fairytale-themed eatery is the brainchild of Caffeinees Group – the team behind Yamaguchi Fish Market, Black Market and Truly Wine – and a collaboration with Somersby! (Because apples, right?)

True fans of the movie Shrek would instantly recognise that the concept for Poison Apple: the Poison Apple Tavern from the animated movie where villains gathered to have ‘terrifying’ food and ‘unhappy hour’. The name is also a reference to the classic fairytale Snow White, and as such, is designed as an escape from reality into a land of fantasy.

The journey at this eatery starts at the surreal, charming little wooden Hobbit-inspired doorway and mini garden. Upon entering, guests are greeted by a fantasy world of smoky wishing well that dispenses beer, moving portraits similar to the ones in Harry Potter movies, and holographic fairies all in a dark and magical atmosphere.

Whether you’re there for cocktails at the bar or celebrations at the cozy lounge section, you can be sure to have a spellbinding dining and drinking experience at this magical world. On special nights, you can even catch the staff dressed up as elves, wizards or even a witch or two in the mix!

With over 200 different wines and liquors sourced from all over the globe as well as a comprehensive range of beers and ciders, Poison Apple may just be your next favourite spot to hang out with friends after a tiring day at work. For those who seek for unique alcoholic mixes, there are also fairytale-themed bespoke cocktails or ‘potions’ delivered with surprising and interesting twists. Hungry foodies can also get their palate teased by some hearty and delicious fusion food with whimsical dish names.

During their grand launch last week, we had the chance to enter into this magical world and sample some of their delicious offerings. Here are some of our favourite picks!

Snow White's Potion - White as snow, this cocktail is a magical touch of vodka with white crème de cacao and coconut cream served in a test tube for you to down it all in a shot. Its creamy texture and piercing alcoholic taste may not be everybody’s favourite but we love the strong taste that reminded us of coconut rum

Lobster Omelette - Think Chinese-style steamed eggs and juicy lobsters – who would’ve thought those two can come together to form a perfect combination? Poached lobsters are served in a stone pot on your table before the waiter pours in the eggs to steam it right in front of you. The dish takes around 20 minutes to be ready but we certainly struggled to resist ourselves from reaching out to it while the eggs were steaming because of the fragrance

Chilli Phoenix - Similar to the Griffin Wings, this smoked whole kampong chicken is served with a generous amount of dried chilli that suggests an intimidating spiciness level. Fret not as we reassure you the chicken is not spicy at all. In fact, it carries a hint of applewood smokiness that smells amazing! Dig into the chicken skin to taste the smokiness before savouring the tender meat

Griffin Wings - This is a must-try for spicy and Mala fans! Poison Apple’s signature chicken wings come with a Mala kick for a numb and tingly sensation that’ll make you sweat due to the heat but still reach out for a second piece. The wings and drumettes were fried to perfection – crispy skin and juicy meat – and the spiciness really whets ones’ appetite. While the dish might look terrifying with tons of dried chilis, it’s not as spicy as we dreaded


“We wanted to create a new concept that is whimsical yet cozy whilst inventing a menu that brings together both Asian and Western influences but most importantly, flavours for the tastebuds of Malaysians, especially our love for spicy food. From the food and drinks to the decor and ambience, every detail has been carefully curated to evoke a magical and memorable experience,” said June Chang, executive director of Caffeinees Group.

Escape reality into this fantasy world that has the best of drinks, food and entertainment to melt your stress away. Visit their Facebook and Instagram for more information on the latest menus and promotions.

Poison Apple

A: Suite G-01, The Pinnacle Annexe, Persiaran Lagoon, Petaling Jaya
T: 012-433 9686
H: 3pm – 1am daily

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