Easy Tabbouleh Salad Recipe

When you go out for a nice dinner, have you ever thought about how easily you can actually make this meal at home? Obviously, with less money, and you have control over what ingredients you put in. So one day I had this Tabbouleh Salad at Ben’s and was thinking how lamely easy it is to remake at home! I searched for a proper Tabbouleh Salad recipe and found one that fits the things I have in my fridge.

Tabbouleh Salad recipe 1

But today I’m going to show you a Tabbouleh Salad recipe with Quinoa and Hemp Seeds. Quinoa is a very good source of complete protein and also contains iron, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals. Though not technically a grain, Quinoa can substitute for nearly any grain in your cooking. It is also a very good source of dietary fiber and is easily digested. A lot of people have been asking how Quinoa tastes like – it actually tastes a lot like brown rice, but is very light and fluffy. Quinoa can easily be bought at most organic stores or organic sections at a shopping market near you. Let’s get on with the recipe, aye?

Tabbouleh Salad recipe 2

This meal can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! Just omit the eggs if you feel it’s too heavy for you and exchange the hemp seeds with chickpeas. And there you have it – a healthy meal packed with nutrients and one that was fairly easy to make. Good luck trying!