The Best And Worst Things To Eat At The Mamak For Your Health

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Is there anything more uniquely and definitively Malaysian than the mamak?

It’s probably near impossible to find someone who hasn’t whiled a few late-night hours away at the mamak with friends, and almost everybody has their own staunch uniform mamak order. (Roti pisang and masala chai for me, please!)

Of course, with all things good, it’s not particularly healthy to overindulge, no matter how delicious. But if you find yourself unable to stay away from the mamak, a few healthy food choices go a long way. Our friends at Shape have compiled a list of the best and worst things you can eat at a mamak!


1. Tandoori Chicken


Tandoori chicken is basically baked chicken, cooked in a traditional tandoor clay oven. Without the excess oil from deep- or pan-frying, tandoori items are also marinated in yogurt and spices, which are chock full of their own health benefits too. This makes this  dish one of the healthiest possible things you can order at a mamak!

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