9 Harry Potter-Inspired Cafes Around The World For Potterheads

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We’re all secretly witches and wizards!

The final movie of the Harry Potter series was released eight years ago but yet the series’ popularity is still soaring through the roof. It’s perhaps the most popular and beloved literary franchise, with countless Potter events, wizard-inspired tours and exhibitions available for Potterheads to experience the magical world.

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Apart from all those wizardry experiences, one of the easiest ways to enjoy a little magic in your life is to visit Harry Potter-inspired eateries that have mushroomed around the world! While they may not be officially linked to J.K. Rowling or the series directly, they certainly have a hint of magic from the story.

Whether it’s the classic series-inspired food and beverages or a magical setting, immerse yourself in witchcraft and wizardry at these 9 cafes and bars that feel like something straight out of Harry Potter’s world.

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