7 Tips To Take The Best Food Flatlays Of Your Life

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With over 2,500 photos and 66,000 followers on her Instagram feed, it’s no surprise that Nadia Fauzi (@grungeee) is our go-to guru when it comes to taking delicious food flatlay shots.

“I first started Instagramming in 2011,” says Nadia. “In the past, I’ve always loved photography and used to shoot my firstborn’s pictures using my trusted Canon EOS 5D MK11 (which has now been replaced by the iPhone).”

“Food photography was something new to me and after finding my passion in it, I started to develop my own style and brand, and became more familiar with the cafés and restaurants around me. Gaining traction on Instagram, I was commissioned by Kellogg’s, which my first paid job. The rest as they say, is history!”

A flatlay is, at its most basic, a collection of items shot on a flat surface from a bird’s-eye view. But that’s simplifying the matter. A lot more goes into crafting the perfect flatlay shot. Here are Nadia’s top photography tips you need to know to be a food flatlay pro yourself!

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