7 Awesome Types of Malaysian Durians

How well do you know your durians?

It’s durian season and we all know how much we Malaysians love our King of the fruits. But it can’t just beany durian from anywhere cos obviously the durians in Malaysia are the best (we can’t be the only ones who think this, right?).

However, just like how some of us prefer Milo to coffee to start our mornings, surely we all also have a favourite durian type. Here are seven delicious durian types that can be found in Malaysia, as compiled by Facebook user Silvanus Koh. Which one is your #1 fave?

mao shan wong durian malaysia

1. Musang King

Practically a crowd fave, it’s the best kind of bittersweetness.

golden phoenix durian malaysia

2. Golden Phoenix

If you like your durian flesh to be more on the firm side, this is probably usually not your first choice when buying durians.

xo durian malaysia

3. XO

Now this is strong stuff.


d24 durian malaysia

4. D24

An old fave and a common buy — T/F, guys?

d13 durian malaysia

5. D13

Would you consider this the best type to pop someone’s durian cherry?

d1 durian malaysia

6. D1

Mmm, perfect for those who loves ‘peeling’ the flesh off the seed cleanly.

d101 durian malaysia

7. D101

‘Nuff said.


Source: Silvanus Koh Facebook

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