6 Amazing Reasons Why Eating Durian is Good for Your Health

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Also, six more valid reasons to head out and buy back another durian to feast!


Ahh, the durian; it’s either much loved for its heavenly taste or much hated for its strong, pungent smell. For the former, you’ve probably tried most of the durian types in Malaysia and it was probably hard for you to refrain yourself from eating too much. While everyone knows it’s not good to overeat durians, its good points are rarely talked about. Does the King of Fruits even have health benefits? The answer is yes — it’s just as healthy as any other fruits out there.


1. Energy booster

ike any other tropical fruits such as bananas, avocados and jackfruits, durians too are a good source for energy. One serving of this fruit can pretty much cover about 20 per cent of your daily carbs needs. So what better way to recharge those energy levels than nomming on some yummy durians?

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