5 Ways to Stay Awake After Lunch

The whole point of eating is to give you more energy!

Ah, the midday slump. It’s probably the worst time of the day to feel sleepy, especially since you still have a few more hours to kill at work. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice eating lunch to avoid dozing off in the afternoons. These are some of the alternative ways to avoid those heavy eyelids.

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  1. The most important meal of the day

Though we often do it, missing breakfast is one of the main causes of the afternoon sleepiness. By having even a tiny amount of breakfast your blood-sugar levels will maintain and get you energetic for the rest of the day. For a quick breakfast, opt for any fruit, yoghurt of your choice and plenty of nuts. Or go with a classic western breakfast that consists of eggs and a few slices of wholemeal toast.


  1. Decrease your coffee intake

Drinking coffee during the morning does boost up your productivity, but the effects will wear off as time goes by. To maintain your caffeine buzz, drink a smaller cup of coffee every two to three hours.


  1. Have a small lunch

You probably have experienced the need to doze off after a huge plate of Nasi Campur or Nasi Lemak. Though it makes your tummy’s day, more amount of blood is focused on digesting the rest of your meal. That means you’ll have less blood for the rest of your body to keep yourself awake.


  1. Keep munching

A snack during the middle of the morning and after your lunch hour will give you the extra energy boost you’ll need. It’s basically the perfect excuse to stock up on your snacking supplies. Who says you can only eat snacks while watching Netfilx?


  1. Mint, anybody?

Aside from keeping your breath fresh, the smell of mint itself increases the beta waves in your brain’s production. In return, it’ll keep you awake for the rest of the day!

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