5 Ways Malaysian Food Trends Have Changed, #10YearChallenge-Style!

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If you’ve been scrolling through social media over the past 48 hours, chances are you’ve most probably been bombarded with friends and families’ throwback pictures, thanks to the #10YearChallenge that took the internet by storm.

Although the challenge features a then-and-now version of people, there’s no reason why we can’t do a comparison of other things… like food! As Malaysians are born foodies, here’s our take on how our favourite food trends have changed over the past decade, #10YearChallenge-style! Here’s the food we used to love back in the days and what they look like now.

1. Bubble tea

(left) Photo: CoolBlog, (right) Photo: Tiger Sugar

Undoubtedly one of Malaysia’s favourite beverages of all time, bubble tea has come a long way to evolve into the currently-raved brown sugar pearl milk tea we love today. Before the famous Chatime opened its first outlet in Malaysia in 2010, Coolblog was our go-to store to satisfy our bubble tea cravings. Instead of the simplistic pearl milk tea, Coolblog used to have a menu of flavours such as blue coral, watermelon and green apple that we could choose to combine with either green tea, red tea or milk tea. 10 years on, we’re treated to various options of bubble tea including some new creations of cheese tea and fruit teas.

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