5 Places For An Indulgent Afternoon Tea That Aren’t In A Hotel

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Ask your friends what they enjoy doing during their free time. There’ll be a few who enjoy cheering over happy hour drinks, some may prefer to laze in the comfort of their own home, and for those who relish in food adventures, an exquisite afternoon tea is one of the best activities.

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From affordable high tea experience to luxurious indulgence, there’s nothing quite like catching up with old friends or spending time with family over a pot of nice tea and decadent delights. This popular past time has become a sought after dining experience for many, which is why most hotels in town offer some of the best afternoon tea experiences.

But if you think that this decadent experience is only limited to hotels, you’re totally wrong! Whether it’s a cafe or tearoom, some places do offer afternoon tea as well and they’re just as exquisite and indulgent. So pour yourself a cup of aromatic brew and savour a spot of afternoon tea at these spots!

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