5 Foods to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Your prayers have been answered as we found the secret to boost your way to long locks ASAP!

Never underestimate the power of food; they can either help you or betray you. Yes, it’s that dramatic. Whether you’ve made the cut that changed your hair life (in a bad way) or you’re just anxious to have at least half of Rapunzel’s long locks, including these nom noms in your diet might help speed up hair growth!


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1. Oysters

It’s a fancy choice but it works because of its zinc value. This particular mineral helps produce androgens, and people with low levels of this hormone tend to suffer from slow hair growth (and dandruff).

Other options: Crabs, clams, liver


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2. Asparagus

If you’ve always been against this veg, it’s time to embrace its green sprouts for its methylsulfonylmethane (or MSM) content, which helps in the production of keratin. In fact, 100 per cent of one study’s participants reportedly had reduced hair loss AND increased hair growth only six weeks after consuming MSM.

Other options: Pork shoulder, coffee, cow’s milk


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3. Eggs, which includes the yolks

See, there is a pretty good reason to eat half boiled eggs for breakfast (or any other meal): it’s loaded withbiotin, a type of vitamin B that promotes hair growth by helping your body to produce amino acids, which are basically the building blocks of protein.

Other options: Peanuts, soybeans, whole wheat bread


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4. Dried fruits

If you’re looking for snacks to satisfy your evening hunger pangs, junk food is definitely not an option, but dried fruits are! They’re healthier and also rich in iron; which helps to carry oxygen to your hair follicles. Too little of it and you might be seeing a case of hair loss.

Other options: Broccoli, chicken, edamame


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5. Red peppers

There’s not much use eating tons of food rich in iron if you don’t have a healthy intake of Vitamin C to help your body absorb it! It’ll also help to prevent your hair from being dry and weak.

Other options: Strawberries, sweet potatoes, tomatoes

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