5 Buttery Flaky Croissants That Are Worth Travelling To Melbourne For

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It’s no surprise that croissants are automatically associated with the city of love, Paris, but turns out, the best croissants in the world aren’t just in the French city! In fact, the Victorian capital Melbourne is home to some of the best traditional croissants.

Loved by many and a common breakfast staple, croissants may look like a simple pastry but are notoriously difficult to make. The eastern end of tree-lined Collins Street has been known colloquially as the ‘Paris End’ with its heritage buildings and high-end boutiques but beyond the inner-city precinct lies some of Melbourne’s best buttery, flaky baked goods.

Whether you’re looking for a breakfast spot while travelling to Melbourne or on the hunt for a taste of the best croissants in the world, these cafes are worth the hassle for their pastry.

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