10 Bubble Tea Shops To Visit That Are Not Chatime Or Tealive

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[Updated, 12/2/2019: We’ve added five additional bubble tea spots!]

Have you ever complained about a full stomach from dinner but proceeded to purchase a cup of bubble tea afterwards? Honestly, I’m guilty of that too! Just like desserts, we all silently have a separate stomach for bubble teas.

Although bubble tea is labelled as an unhealthy drink by nutritionists and researchers (we’ll just pretend we didn’t read that), it’s still a favourite drink for many Malaysians to indulge often. Apart from the well-known Chatime and Tealive, here are five alternative brands in Malaysia to satisfy your sweet cravings.

1. The Alley

Photo: The Alley

Sporting an eye-catching deer logo, this brand definitely sets itself apart from other bubble tea brands with its interesting layered drinks. It became an instant hit when its first store opened in the country– we can definitely still remember how pictures of the bubble teas took social media by storm. The team behind the brand take their products very seriously as they’re known to create their very own sugar cane syrup and tapioca pearls (known as Deerioca). Feeling indecisive on which drink to order? Their Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk is a good choice!

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