4 Things To Try At J’s Gate Dining For Authentic Japanese Food In KL

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If you haven’t noticed, we’re an avid Japanese food lover! From tasting Bijin Nabe also known as Beauty Hotpot to an afternoon Japanese hi-tea in Tokyo. Yum! Of course, the best of Japanese cuisines are from its own country of origin but what if we tell you that now you can taste an array of authentic Japanese cuisines all in one spot right smack in KL!

Located at the fourth floor of LOT 10 is J’s Gate Dining, a new food haven with 18 of Japan’s best restaurant under one roof. Here you can taste high quality and authentic food, experience Japanese hospitality and lively atmosphere – one might think they’ve been transported to the land of the rising sun.

We got to sample some of their dishes and here are some of our picks for you to try if you’re heading there this weekend.

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