8 Super Yummy and Healthy Food Delivery Services in KL

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 Ordering food online now comes with more (and healthier) options!

UPDATED (17 May 2017): Now with links and 3 new additions! 

No more braving the traffic just to have an unsatisfying and unhealthy lunch, these wholesome food delivery services are the talk of the town!

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1.Meraki Kitchen KL

Website:www.facebook.com/merakikitchen  | Instagram: @meraki_kitchen

Just by looking at their Instagram feed makes us drool! From Thai to Japanese-inspired dishes, Meraki Kitchen offers a multi-cuisine menu every week.  Each meal is made with fresh, locally procured ingredients that are cooked with love and passion. Their food doesn’t contain any MSG and is prepared in a pork and alcohol-free facility, so everyone can enjoy a bite! You can also order big for corporate events, group and catering.

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