4 Eateries You Need To Check Out In Genting

Beat the heat and take a seat at these restaurants – all approved by us!


Photo: @bungbry

Recently, we had the opportunity to check out some of Genting’s most popular dining establishments, and now we can totally understand the hype behind them. If you happen to be on the highlands, try out our recommended list!




Bakery, situated in the lobby of the Genting Grand, is the place for breakfast or a light meal. With fresh pastries on the hour, you can get the aroma of newly-baked bread wafting through as they’re taken out of the oven.


If you’re looking for a quick bite in the morning, Bakery has plenty of breakfast choices, including flaky Turkey and Cheese Croissants (RM9 member; RM10 non-member) and Muffins (RM15 member; RM16 non-member).

For bigger appetites, we’d choose the Chicken Teriyaki with Emmenthal Cheese and Japanese Mayonnaise Sandwich (RM27 member; RM28 non-member), which is savoury and filling. We found the salty bonito flakes in the sandwich added even more flavour and complemented the teriyaki sauce and tender chicken well.


The Cronuts (RM6 member; RM7 non-member) – a cross between a croissant and doughnut – are also one of our top picks as well as the New York Cheesecake (RM16 member; RM17 non-member). If you’d prefer to sip on something instead, we’d go for the Hot Chocolate (RM15 member, RM16 non-member regular; RM18 member, RM19 non-member double). The hot milk and chocolate are served separately, so it’s up to you to stir in as much chocolate as you’d like for the flavour of your choice.

Genting Grand’s Executive Pastry Chef, Alan Yeong, says that two new items are added to the menu every month to keep the menu interesting. Older items are taken off to make space for newer, more innovative creations.

Opening hours: 7am-11pm (weekday); 7am-2am (weekend)

Price range: RM6-RM42 (Genting Rewards Card member); RM7-RM44 (non member)*

*Prices subject to menu changes 


2. Coffee Terrace, GENTING GRAND HOTEL


Can’t decide what type of cuisine to have for lunch or dinner? Coffee Terrace has the answer: almost everything!

There are six buffet counters: Flavours of Malaysia; Chinese; Western; West Asian (Indian); Japanese; and the Lanai Bar (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage bar).* The chefs also accommodate requests or dietary requirements, such as for vegetarian/vegan or Jain-approved meals.

Chef Tan Heng of Coffee Terrace tells us that menu items are rotated every single day, and the chefs use different methods of preparing their cuisines with each meal. Food is only cooked and replenished when needed to ensure hot and fresh meals.
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Coffee Terrace’s most popular dishes include its specialty, Chicken Rice (more than RM1million worth of plates have been sold). Tan Heng also recommends the Satay with Peanut Sauce, a customer favourite besides Western cuisine.

*West Asian, Japanese and Lanai Bar are only open for dinner.  

Opening hours: 7am-10:30am (breakfast); 12pm-2:30pm (lunch); 5pm-9:30pm (dinner)

Price: RM42 per person (half price for children under 12)




It may get a little chilly in Genting, but if you’re still up for an icy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, ITALGELato, a top-quality gelato shop located in First World Hotel’s Lobby Cafe is the place for you. The milk used in the gelato is flown in from a supplier in Italy (which supplies only to Genting resorts).

Our first pick was a double scoop of Sorbertto alla Fragola (strawberry sorbet) and Sorbertto alla Mango (mango sorbet) (RM19 member; RM20 non-member). The mangoes used are Alphonso mangoes flown in from Pakistan, ensuring superior quality and sweetness. We then went for the more sugary Gelato Cioccolato (chocolate) and Gelato Straciatella (cream and chocolate) combo. Our verdict: chocolate fans should not give these flavours a miss!

Opening hours: 10am-10pm

Price range: RM9-RM36 (Genting Rewards Card member); RM10-RM40 (non member)


4. Resort Seafood Steamboat, RESORT HOTEL


End your day with a hearty meal at the Resort Seafood Steamboat restaurant, located on Level One on Genting’s Resort Hotel! As soon as you enter the restaurant, you’re greeted by tanks of live seafood, allowing you to view then make selections of your choice, including of the mud crabs and glass prawns. Those in groups can choose to order a pre-selected set, allowing you to savour a wide variety of seafood without having to pore over the menu for too long.


We enjoyed the Set Menu for Four (RM218 member; RM240 non-member), which was actually enough for up to five people. We enjoyed noodles, mushrooms, poultry and seafood cooked in two choices of broth. Those who love a little spicy kick in their meals would definitely love the zesty tom yam whereas those who prefer something milder but still flavourful should go for the herbal chicken broth. We cooled down with Calamansi Juice, a cold, citrusy fruit juice.

If you’re planning to make your way back home after eating, you’ll definitely do so with full stomachs. If you’re staying the night at Genting, then better prepare yourselves for Round Two the next day!

Opening hours: 12pm-2:30pm (lunch); 6pm-10pm (dinner)


  • Set menu for 2 people: RM98 (Genting Rewards Card member); RM108 (non-member)
  • Set menu for 4 people: RM218 (Genting Rewards Card member); RM240 (non-member)
  • Set menu for 8 people: RM456 (Genting Rewards Card member); RM502 (non-member)

*À la carte menu items also available


Photos: Robin Liew