4 Boba-Inspired Food For Bubble Tea Lovers In Malaysia

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Can you remember the first time you had bubble tea and fell head over heels with it? Thanks to the combination of silky smooth milk tea and addictively chewy tapioca boba pearls, the craze for bubble tea is showing no sign of slowing down.

Like all trends, the bubble tea one has evolved over the years. But even as we eagerly watched the rise of innovative bubble tea – from tea topped with salty cheese foam, to more flavours, alternative pearl options like golden or brown sugar pearls, and even alcoholic bubble tea, nothing could have prepared us for this: bubble tea food.

It may take a while to wrap your brain around pearls on food, but you’ll find out you’re totally missing out on more unique boba experiences if you’ve only been consuming boba in the form of beverages. Get adventurous and try out these four boba-inspired desserts that are not served in a cup!

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