11 More Cafes Around The World With Stunning Floral Themes

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Ask a friend to show you a list of cafes they wish to visit and you’ll most probably find a similarity between all of them: Instagram-worthy backdrops.

Gorgeous interior decors are a smart way to draw the attention of customers and there’s nothing better than a floral backdrop to attract the crowds who wish to take stunning OOTD pictures.

We previously compiled a long list of cafes, bars and restaurants around the world that have Insta-worthy floral walls, and this time we have more options to share with you! Don’t miss out on a photo-op when you next travel to these cities!


1. Hanaya – Tea Roastery & Cafe

Photo: @jasminetkt

Step into a European garden paradise at this cafe that sells a selection of bubble teas to quench your thirst during a hot day. Compared to other bubble tea spots, this cafe offers a spacious seating area and picturesque interior decor for customers to relax and enjoy their beverage.

Address: No. 307, Jalan Bercham, Taman Desa Kencana, Ipoh, Malaysia

Contact: +6 012 525 5307

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