10 Tips For The Perfect Pot Of Tea According To Dilmah

Photo by Loverna Journey on Unsplash

The thought of making tea is simple, you boil some water, add in the tea bag, add some sugar, and pour hot water. But are you really tasting the tea at its best? Making the perfect pot of tea requires you to know your tea, the amount of water used, the temperature, the brewing time and even the type and condition of your teapot or cup. It will all affect the experience, we often rush when making tea but if you’ve got the time, consider these 10 steps to brewing the perfect pot f tea courtesy of Dilmah.

1. Only use fresh, high-quality tea. Tea should be kept in airtight containers, away from strong-smelling items. Keep them in a cool and dry place.

2. Use fresh water. Always empty the kettle, and fill it with freshly drawn cold water. Hot or reheated water contains less oxygen and gives a flat stale taste.

3. Ensure the teapot is clean. A layer of tannin does not improve the flavour – it just makes the tea bitter! Two dessert spoonfuls of bicarbonate of soda and boiling water will remove the staining in about two to three hours.

4. Warm your pot. Rinse it with hot water. This ensures the water stays at a boiling point when it touches the tea.

5. Use the right amount of tea. One teaspoonful per person, plus one for the pot is a good guide. When using tea bags the same rules apply.

6. Brewing time is critical. Take the teapot to the kettle, pour in the boiling water and let the tea brew for three to five minutes depending on the size of the tea-leaf being used. If the strength is not to your liking, adjust the amount of tea used, not the brewing time.

7. Stir before serving. Some people turn the pot three times one way and three the other which does the same job!

8. Serve straight away. Tea will taste stewed if left in the pot for more than ten minutes. Do not use a tea cosy as it simply speeds up the stewing process. Add milk & sugar as needed. Use warm milk with Dilmah Tea for maximum flavour.

9. Rinse your teapot. Use cold water and never put it in the dishwasher, and never use detergent.

10. Try the various Dilmah Speciality Teas or the Single Estate teas. Try blending the different teas, there are endless possibilities!