10 Mouthwatering Artisanal Ice Cream Destinations In Malaysia

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If you’ve been paying attention to the dessert circuit this year, you would know that the latest ice cream trend to hit our shores is… artisanal ice cream!

What is artisanal ice cream? Artisanal food is defined as food that has been made by hand in small batches, or in a traditional way. In the same vein, artisanal ice cream in Malaysia is locally made by passionate ice cream creators and infused with local ingredients. As a result, we get to enjoy a variety of truly Malaysian flavours such as nasi lemak, durian, teh tarik, and more!

Can’t wait to get a taste? Check out these 10 mouthwatering artisanal ice cream destinations around our country:

1. Inside Scoop

Edmund Tan and his wife, Lim Shiew Li created Inside Scoop in 2013. Since then, the Malaysian ice cream brand has expanded to more than 20 outlets all over the nation. With their unmistakable yellow and white stripes, Inside Scoop serves ice cream, waffles, and ice cream cakes with uniquely Malaysian flavours such as teh tarik, cendol, and salted gula melaka. They have 70 flavours in rotation with new flavours added constantly, so repeat visits are a must!

Visit an Inside Scoop outlet near you: Inside Scoop

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