FEMALE Tries: Neo-Catalan Food At Little Pig

Satisfy your cravings for Spanish tapas food at Little Pig that serves authentic and Asian fusion Catalan delights.    

Of cosy ambience and extensive menu choices, Little Pig is the newest spot in town to serve a mix of traditional Spanish delights and tapas food with a modern twist. The interior boasts a brightly lit and spacious dining experience, with a solo bar-like dining area available for single diners.

Across the open kitchen is a small area decorated with barrel tables and a mural painting of a large yellow octopus which serves as a nice background for #OOTD shots and gives off a mini underwater vibe to the whole restaurant.

Located in the up and rising area called The Hub in SS2, the restaurant is the brainchild of chef Yong Yu Khim who had honed his cooking skills in Singapore’s Catalonian-inspired FOC Restaurant for three years. During that time, he also had the opportunity to train at a one-star Michelin restaurant in Spain for two weeks where he furthered his knowledge in traditional Spanish food.

“After my first two years of modern fine dining and French fine dining, I moved to bistro food because I always wanted to open up a bar serving bar snacks. I worked in Singapore for eight years and it was until my last three years that I got a job at a Spanish restaurant and found my love for Catalan cuisine. I incorporated everything I learnt into creating the menu at Little Pig so that’s why it’s called ‘Neo-Spanish tapas’ here,” explains Yu Khim, the founder and chef of Little Pig.

Cod Fritters

Crab Croquettas

Grilled Octopus

Over here, authentic Catalan-style food dominates 60 per cent of the menu, while the remaining 40 per cent puts a modern Chinese-style twist to traditional Spanish tastes. I had the opportunity to feast on some signature dishes, and they were undoubtedly new flavours to my taste buds that are worth a rave.

The Most Unique Twist: Potato Bravas

Potato Bravas

A native dish in Spain, Potato Bravas is a tapas food everyone needs to try at least once. But instead of the simple fried potatoes, Little Pig puts a unique twist to their Potato Bravas (RM21) by serving it as long, thick cut-like fries. Undoubtedly first-of-its-kind I’ve ever seen, imported Agria potatoes are layered thinly, stacked, steamed and deep-fried twice for a crispy bite that’s addictively good. It does get a little overwhelming after a few mouths so it’s best to pair every bite with their aioli and tomato-based chipotle pepper sauce.

The Best Fusion Creation: Crispy Pork Belly Eel Bao

Crispy Pork Belly Eel Bao – Duroc pork belly, eel, pickled cauliflower, egg yolk gel, fennel flower

When it comes to Spanish food, one wouldn’t certainly think of Chinese bao. Yet, the Crispy Pork Belly Eel Bao (RM34) is a signature at Little Pig that we’re absolutely in love with. Sandwiched between two homemade Chinese-style bao is a generous slice of Duroc pork belly and eel barbecued to perfection and brushed with teriyaki sauce. This tasted heavenly as the savoury flavours of the meat and egg yolk gel blended very well with the sweet teriyaki sauce. I was slightly concerned when thinking about the calories of the pork belly that was served but surprisingly, it didn’t have a sickening taste thanks to the pickled cauliflower that helped to balance out the flavours.

The Simple-Yet-Delicious Dish: Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower – romesco sauce, basil mint pesto, pine nuts, shaved manchego, piparas

For someone who insists on having veges served at every meal, this Roasted Cauliflower (RM 26) was a great dish to indulge in after feasting on some greasy food. The cauliflower was roasted to perfection and had a crunchy texture, but it was the nutty and sweet flavours of the cruciferous vegetable that made me crave for more. While I was contented with the cauliflower on its own, it came with a side of romesco sauce, basil mint pesto, pine nuts, shaved manchego and piparras (pickled green chilis) for a hint of spicy herb taste.

The Must-Try: Pork Belly Paella

Pork Belly Paella – Duroc pork belly, pig ears, oyster mushrooms, capsicum and chicken stock based, scallops and aioli

When it comes to paella, we’d usually expect it to be filled with seafood ingredients. But when Yu Khim introduced us to this Pork Belly Paella (RM45 for 2 pax), it was truly an eye-opener. The dish contains a generous amount of Duroc pork belly, pig ears, oyster mushrooms, capsicums and scallops decadently cooked in a chicken stock base and topped with aioli sauce. The first thing that came to mind when I took a bite of this dish was surprisingly claypot chicken rice. Although it was a little salty for my liking, the large and juicy scallops helped to reduce the overwhelming taste of the entire dish.  Not to mention, the aioli sauce also added a nice hint of garlic and creamy texture to the paella.

The Most Indulgent: Pina Colada

Pina Colada – coconut ice cream, pineapple mousse, vermouth jelly, lime crumb, charcoal powder, passion fruit and pineapple puree

For a refreshing and light dessert, definitely opt for the Pina Colada. No, the name doesn’t refer to the alcoholic drink. Instead, it refers to this sweet treat that’s made with coconut ice cream, pineapple mousse, vermouth jelly, lime crumb and a sprinkle of charcoal powder. I loved the tanginess of the limb crumb and pineapple mouse that refreshed my palate. The vermouth jelly had a bitter taste to it which I didn’t like at first but soon realised that it was needed to balance the sweetness out from the whole dessert.

The Most Unique Desserts: LP Mini Burger & Crema Catalana

LP Mini Burger – mango slices, dark chocolate, passion fruit white chocolate mousse, caramel dulce chocolate, white chocolate mousse

Crema Catalana – dehydrated meringue, crema catalane, sliced strawberry, toffee ice cream, lemon caramel

If you love dark chocolate, the LP Mini Burger (RM20) will be a great end to your meal. This adorable toy-like mini burger is made with dark chocolate, passion fruit, white chocolate mousse and mango slices. But don’t try to attempt to eat it like a real burger as the dessert is quite rich and dense due to all its sweet components. That’s why it’s best to order for sharing and savour it in small bites. Their Crema Catalana (RM15) that’s made from dehydrated meringue, crema catalana, sliced strawberries, toffee ice cream and lemon caramel is another must-try dessert for those who have a sweet tooth. It was sweeter than what I had expected but the meringue added a nice crunchy texture that went well with the other soft ingredients.

Little Pig

A: Lot B1-06 ,The Hub SS2, 19 Sentral, Jalan Harapan, 46300 Petaling Jaya
T: 016-222 2708
H: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm daily, except Tuesdays

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