Female Tries: Cruising Down the East Coast with the Mercedes C43 AMG

We take the luxe Mercedes C43 AMG out for a spin!

It’s not every day that I’m offered to loan a luxury sports car for a week, but thanks to Mercedes Malaysia who were kind enough to let me have a little fun with the Mercedes C43 AMG model, I took full opportunity of taking the mean machine out for a road trip to Kuantan (pre-COVID-19’s MCO), all in the name of work, of course!

The C43 AMG is super sexy, especially in black coating, and whether you’re going fast or slow, you just know that people’s eyes are on you. It’s the sporty version of the C-Class sedan and features the same posh interior with muscular engine performance. It comes with a cool feature, the Dynamic settings that change how the car drives. From Comfort to Sport+ mode, it has a set-up that’ll match the kind of driver that you are. Personally, I prefer the Comfort mode when driving in the city as it offers softer suspension and a smooth gear transition throughout the drive, ensuring comfort for the driver and passengers.

I then tested the Sport+ mode during my drive to Kuantan on Karak highway and instantly loved this mode as the response it gave as I drove through tight corners is seamless and with 19-inch rims and wide tires, the car has amazing grip on the roads too. It even comes with front semi-bucket seats that will keep you in place and feeling like driving a sports car!

Usually, for a vehicle that has 385 horsepower, it is hard to imagine the comfort that comes with it. But Mercedes did an amazing job as I feel that this model is suitable as an everyday car for the driver who fancies that top-of-the-range sports car feeling.  Inside, you can also customise the look of the dashboard by choosing from the various designs available and all of them looked amazing and futuristic. The rear seats also got an upgrade from the previous model, as they are now more spacious. And with more headspace, tall passengers (like my husband and I) can finally rest their heads.

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