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1. CO3 Social Office by Yang Mei Ling, Editor 

“There’s something about spending time in a coworking space that brings joy, especially when it’s one as cool, comfortable and welcoming as the CO3 Social Office. I love creative open spaces, so I chose to park myself at one of the two social tables in the main area. On a normal day I would have picked a quiet corner, but this time, I wanted to be in the midst of other working people – each of them focused on their own projects and with their eyes glued onto their laptop screens. I picked a seat opposite an inspiring wall that carried the words ‘Fly without wings, dream with open eyes, see through the darkness and live without fear.’ Indeed, that was how CO3 came about.

In the past year, I’ve heard of coworking spaces popping up all over the city and around the region. But it wasn’t until I was stranded on a holiday in Bali recently that I got acquainted to the co-living and coworking culture as I spent time with digital nomads in Ubud. Of course, it takes a lot of discipline to get things done, especially being in a paradise where there’s so much temptation to do everything else other than work. Surprisingly, my hours spent at CO3 proved to be very efficient; I managed to get a lot of work done – from checking layouts to writing web stories and even planning out my activities for the week.

I didn’t even need to step out for a meal at all, as I got to buy lunch inside (that home-cooked lemon chicken with rice and salad was divine, and only cost RM9!), and whenever I felt a little hungry, I could go to the bar and fix myself some tea, coffee, juice or other drinks as well as pick up some snacks. There’s no one manning the counter but an honest jar, which means that on top of the self-service style, CO3 is trying to implement an honest culture, where you won’t have to worry about leaving your things out in the open when you need a restroom break.

If I encountered a writer’s block, I could head up to level 4 and de-stress at the entertainment zone (no tokens required!) or library (with a good book in hand), or snooze at the net area that brought me back to my water villa escapade in the Maldives! Once I’m ready to roll again, I could literally slide down back to my seat, take a few flatlays on the stunning table, then pick up my stuff and head down to the idea corner at level 2.

When I need to take five, I can rest in one of the sleeping pods, and to make a Skype call, I can pick one of the call booths nearby. Besides all that, I appreciate the little touches that make a difference at CO3 – such as the Lonely Planet guidebooks on display to inspire the wanderlust in me, and useful amenities that are available at the ladies’ (cotton buds, mouthwash and even pads!).”

CO3 Social Office

A: 2-3, Jalan Merbah 1, Bandar Puchong Jaya ,47170 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
T: +60162285030
FB: @co3.socialoffice | IG: @co3socialoffice

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