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Instead of dwelling on issues that will bring you down, why not spend your time working out so that your physical and mental health is in check?

It’s only the second month of the year but some of us are already feeling a little drained at work. However, the beauty about working out is that every challenge that you manage to conquer indirectly uplifts your spirit, and thanks to the endorphins released in your body, whatever stress that you might be experiencing is no longer an issue after the session.

Eat, Sleep, Barre-D & Repeat! That’s how we roll~

Located at Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur amidst popular and charming eateries, this boutique gym is meant for you if you’re not a fan of big chains and overcrowded gyms. Open from 9am to 10pm daily (click here to check out the class schedule), every class is different from another because of the personalised teaching techniques that the professional instructors use here. The three classes offered here are Ballet Fitness, Barre and Mat Pilates and we are proud to say that we’ve aced two out of the three classes!

If you’ve done ballet before, these shoes will definitely bring back memories!

Ballet Fitness and Barre were the two classes that we tried over a span of two weeks, and while both classes were equally hard, Barre required us to work out at a faster pace compared to Ballet Fitness. The main objective of ballet is to make you stretch your muscles and improve your posture (which most of us need as we spend hours in front of the computer daily) by dancing your way through the class. This workout lasted for a good 50 minutes and didn’t just require us to dance (mainly ballet moves but you’ll survive the class even if you’ve never done ballet before in your life) but to use weights and resistant bands to strengthen our muscles too.

Our verdict:

“I haven’t entered a ballet studio for the longest time, so I was really looking forward to attending this Ballet Fitness class conducted by Suhaili. As soon as I got a hang of the various movements, all those years of doing the demi-plié, first position, sauté and split came back to me in a heartbeat – and I remember precisely why I left the art when it got more and more difficult! Ballet is definitely not for everyone, but if you’re easily fascinated by the graceful moves of ballet dancers or have always been curious to try it out for yourself, I say give Ballet Fitness a go. For this class, only grip socks (not ballet shoes) are required to take you through the easy moves, and I like how the props we used – from the little dumbbells to the resistance bands – made a difference to the routine.” – Yang Mei Ling, Editor

“I didn’t really enjoy this class because I found it to be a little too fast for my liking. But then again, I did arrive a bit late and maybe that’s why I found it hard to catch up with the moves. Frankly speaking, I’m more of a yoga person so I’d prefer workouts that involve slower moves, where I can take my time to inhale and exhale without worrying too much about the next move.” SJ Lim, Graphic Designer

“Having not worked out for quite some time, I was ready to give up 10 minutes after the class started. But on the bright side, thanks to the personalised upbeat playlist that Suhaili used in this class, I kept going until the workout was over, which felt like a jiffy. My arms did hurt the next day, but it didn’t bother me too much and the one thing I realised was that my body coordination needed a lot of help!” – Vasenta Selvanayagam, Features & Lifestyle Editor

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