FEMALE Talks To: The Woman Behind @nude_yogagirl On Her Art And Who She Is IRL

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Imagine what it’s like to be Instafamous yet have nobody know your name?

Photo: Instagram @nude_yogagirl

With more than 900k followers on Instagram, the 29-year-old anonymous artist rose to social media stardom when she started uploading creative pictures of herself in different yoga poses in 2015. Known to her fans only as the ‘Nude Yoga Girl’, she’s a strong advocate in loving your natural body and has since proven to be a great role model to women who struggle with self acceptance.

FEMALE: Tell us how @nude_yogagirl came about.

Nude Yoga Girl: “It was just a normal Sunday when I decided to try this kind of photography for the first time in my studio at home. I was trying to capture nudity in a non-sexual way by combining my passion in yoga, art and writing to promote body positivity. Everything took off when I started publishing the images on Instagram.”

F: Can you share with us more about yourself?

NYG: “I’d like to remain anonymous so I can’t share where I am from. All I can say is that I’m from a country where there’s a lot of snow! I’m your typical Pisces, I have four siblings and am the second eldest. I studied theoretical philosophy, sociology and industrial designing, though I didn’t get a chance to finish them because I’d already started working by the time I was 24. In reality, I’m not a very organised person. My biggest guilty pleasure is gelato and I can never say no to pistachio ice-cream!”



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F: Do your close friends and family know that you’re behind the Nude Yoga Girl Instagram account?

NYG: “My closest friends and family know. That said, I only told my family about the account after two months (when I hit 100, 000 followers).”

F: Is handling your account something that you do full time?

NYG: “Yes, I do it full time but I also get booked for outside work as ‘me’. Most of them are related to photography, art and social media as I already had some experience in these fields before I became known as the Nude Yoga Girl.”

F: What impact has social media had in your life?

NYG: “It has allowed me to put more time into what I love doing – creating and expressing myself. Because I’m anonymous, it hasn’t really had an impact on my personal life in any other way but I get to travel much more.”

F: Do you ever feel anxious or hesitant before posting?

NYG: “Of course I do sometimes, it’s part of being human and I try to remind myself that. But the people who follow me are very kind in terms of comments, etc. so I rarely get those feelings. I feel like it’s a positive environment. In the end, I just Create my art and write.”

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